Studying abroad is a challenge, especially for students who have not experienced living away from home however, living abroad offers multiple benefits for growth in both personal and career development. Additionally, studying or training overseas allow international students to have access to high-quality education and discover new cultures.

Australia is known to provide top-quality education that according to the Universities 21 (U21) Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2019 it was recognised as one of the best higher education systems in the world. On top of that, Australia ranked sixth in the top 100 universities in the world.

An Australian qualification gives an edge to students with more career opportunities globally. GEP offers programs for interested students who want to study or train in Australia. Through our partnerships with colleges abroad, we are able to offer to international students multiple programs targeting a diverse selection of studies.

Our goal is to help students earn the best qualifications to open more opportunities overseas.

Among the programs available are:

  •  Certificate Programs

  •  Diploma Programs

  •  Degree Programs

  •  Postgraduate Programs

  •  Special Programs

Aside from the programs offered, GEP also supports students in finding the right qualifications for accommodation and regular welfare checkups. We provide program suggestions to students based on their career interests and skills. Then, GEP continues the end-to-end support with visa assistance, via registered agents and finishes it with finding the right accommodation and performing regular checkups on the students’ health, welfare, and conditions.